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About Us

Over 20+ Years Experience in Fixing Blocked Drains in Sydney

We started Drainr with one goal in mind: to make a counter business to all the nonsense the other Sydney blocked drains get up to.

Over the years our industry has become full of “pricing tricks” and “salesmanship” tactics. From baiting and switching, drip pricing to putting staff on commission to upsell services, we've seen it all and had enough.

We wanted to bring integrity and honesty back to our trade and offer a no nonsense approach to blocked drain and pipe relining services.

Thus we had the idea to start Drainr, a business where our clients have complete faith in when you call, that they're going to get reasonable rates and prices with service that matches.

We only hire plumbers who have experience in all the services we offer and provide them with ongoing training on new technology and customer service goals.

We pay our staff well above award rates and do not incentivise them with commissions on upselling. Instead we offer bonuses for good feedback / reviews and performance.

We believe connecting the best staff with the latest technology and non nonsense customer service approaches provides the best outcomes for both our clients and ourselves as a business.

At Drainr we only offer 1 service - Drain repair. We dont fix taps, we don't repair roofs, we don't do bathroom renovations. We clear blocked drains, and reline them as a permanent fix. Being specialists in our chosen services ensures we are experts in our field whilst also providing better ROI on our technology procurement, which enables us to keep our prices down to remain among the most competitively priced blocked drain specialists in Sydney.

We invite you to try us out and see why so many other Sydney homeowners and businesses alike trust and choose Drainr for anything Drain related.